Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and Environmental Audit (EA)

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Environmental impact assessment (EIA) and environmental audit (EA) are important tools which institutions and business companies are currently using internally almost inevitably all over the world for environmental protection and compliance with environmental laws and regulations such as the EIA regulations 1998 and the National Environment (AUDIT) regulations 2009 of Uganda.
The overall objective of the environmental impact assessment and audit short course is to equip professionals with tools and skills for internal environmental management at institutional level which is essential for self monitoring and regulation

  • Fundamentals of environment and development
  • Environmental management in Uganda
  • EIA principles and procedures
  • EA principles and procedures
  • Corporate environmental policy and program
  • ode of Ethics and Standards
  • Environmental public relations and corporate social responsibility

Senior managers and Environmental Health and Safety specialists in public institutions, private institutions, industries, practicing engineers, architects, planners, educationists, environmental officers, lawyers and specialists in charge of human resources, production, maintenance and site management and all project developers,

DURATION:  5 days

COST:  400,000 UGX